About the Artist

Neil Assenheimer

An artist that has a diverse background in Makeup artistry, training, and painting. The one continual art form that has persisted through his life is the love of painting; specializing in acrylic and water colour. His inspiration comes from a variety of influences including nature, people, emotions and life experiences.

Passionate, vibrant, reflective, emotional, interpretational -- all words that describe the energy of Neil Assenheimer's work. Neil paints from an emotional, not from an analytical view. Life experiences fuel the passionate undertones of his work. It's self-discovery, it's meditation, it's interpretation of Neil's emotional well-being. As a youth, Neil found his outlet by sketching and painting, which began the journey to self revelations and his passions for life. His work is never ending and always evolving as he continues to find his way in the world.

Neil painting his next Watercolour Pen and Ink creation


Neil painting a new Watercolour Pen and Ink creation


Neil's art table and studio

Neil's art studio


Neil with his Canvas Prints and Original Watercolour artwork

Neil with his Canvas Prints and Original Watercolour Pen and Ink artwork