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This is finally happening. I have been through so many life-changing moments to finally arrive at where I have always wanted to be. My long standing artwork has decorated the space of my journeys landing in my new life and home in north Edmonton. My original paintings are now here for everyone that wants them to appear in their homes or offices, hopefully embracing you as much as they have all been a poignant part of my life. If you have any questions or comments on any of my personal prints for sale, please contact me at your convenience.

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Rick Gaboury on

I just bought my third original Assenheimer. His work is beautiful and I am so excited to hang this new piece.

Elizabeth on

Wow Neil, SO proud of you! You really stuck with your art. Hope to see more art soon :)

Sonya on

Wow! Love it! So happy for you Neil!

I want the giraffes!

Marleigh on

So proud of you and your work. You talent astounds me, as always. My original “Assenheimer” paintings are still gracing my walls and I love looking at them every day. Keep up the fantabulous work and I look forward to some more new and wonderful art. Hugs.

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